FAQ - Caligold Photos

Q. How much are photos & what do you offer?

A. Products & Pricing


Single digital image $25

Full gallery set $75 (all photos from a single boat) *Computer Only*

Q. Why can’t I get all of the photos on my phone/tablet?

A. The file size of each image is too large to download to a phone or tablet. With 40-60 photos per boat that adds up fast! We are working on that being an option soon.

Q. Our group was split into 2 or more boats, do we still have to pay full price for each boat?

A. We offer a discount on the 2nd boat. Just email us at  caligoldphotos@yahoo.com & we will send you a coupon code.

Q. I ordered a gallery set but when I go to check out my cart is empty?

A. Make sure your web browser is able to accept 3rd party cookies. You can also try a different browser. If you still need assistance email Smugmug at help@smugmug.com.

Q. I bought the gallery &/or single download images, how do I get the photos?

A. Smugmug will send you a confirmation email with download instructions . *Check your SPAM or junk mail folder* You can always  contact Smugmug at help@smugmug.com

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